Hello, and welcome to my online art archive and gallery where I store and share almost everything I make- from quick daily sketches to large oil paintings.

My sketchbook drawing practice keeps my creativity flowing and gives inspiration to larger paintings.

My napkin drawings are part of a meditative practice where I can work more quickly without attachments or expectations.

And clay gives me the healing tactility and grounding connection to the earth.

I make art because it brings me fulfillment in my life and helps me understand my world and define myself within my world. I do not work on my art for anyone else, it’s not made to make money and I don’t do commissions. However, I do need money to survive and I need all the help I can get with that so I’ve added a donation form below where you can make one-time donations or subscribe to support me monthly. For monthly subscribers I will be offering the option of receiving art in the mail. Please contact me if you’re interested.

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Stable Income is freedom

Currently I’m making $0 a month from my art practice and my goal is to be making at least 1k / month by 2024. I will keep my income transparent throughout this process so my supporters can follow my progress made towards meeting my goal. Monthly supporters have the option to receive art in the mail – just use the contact form above to ask about it and I will email you back 🙂

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Money goes directly to my bank after processing fees from WordPress of 8%.


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Money goes directly to my bank after processing fees from WordPress of 8%.


Sasheena Rain

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